• End of 29th Veteran football tournament 2013: Nghiep Vu Dist.1 excellently crowns championship
    14:12 | 24/12/2013

    After nearly one month of exciting games, 29th Veteran football tournament 2013 has been ended with both champions of age of 40-47 and age of 48 belonged to veterans of Nghiep Vu Quan 1. 

    Vô địch 48 tuổi trở lên - Nghiệp vụ Quận 1

    Nghiep vu dist.1 winners age of 48

    In the age of 40-47, there are 7 competitors and divided into 2 groups. Nghiep Vu dist.1 have marked their strength from qualifying round to the finals. Besides good playing style, outstanding personality as Huynh Hong Son, Quang Huy, Lu Dinh Tuan… Nghiep Vu dist.1 was easy to get over 5-1 against Smart door in the final game. Two third position winners are An Lac ward and Tan Binh district. Minh Tan Pharmacy won the prize of best playing style.

    In the final game of age of over 48, Nghiep vu dist.1 faced with dist.5. Though district 1 players received higher estimation, district 5 played toughly that caused them much trouble to defeat opponents.

    Consecutive dangerous situations were created toward both, however there was no score. when result seemed to be decided by penalty shoots, Nam Hai took chance of a quick attack to score for district 1. Quang Minh hotel district 3 won third position and Sau lu won best playing style.

    closing day:

    Hạng nhì- Cổ động viên Quận 5

    Distric 5 won the runners up

    Hồ Thanh Cang- Chủ tịch chi hội cựu cầu thủ TP.HCM trao chức vô địch lứa tuổi 40-47 tuổi cho đội trưởng Huỳnh Hồng Sơn- Nghiệp vụ Quận 1

    Ho Thanh Cang- president of Ho Chi Minh city former players present cup to winners

    Nghie vu Q1 - Vo dich lua 40-47t

    Nghiep Vu district 1

    Nguyen Hoang Minh - Nghiep vu Q1

    Nguyen Hoang Minh- Nghiep Vu district 1

    TRan Dinh Huan trao chuc vo dich (48 tro len) cho NGhiep vu Q1

    Mr Tran Dinh Huan present cup for winners

    Dinh Vien

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