• HCMC FC – Road shortened, route to top speeded up
    15:44 | 23/05/2020

    As 6 rounds in the remaining V-League 2020 season has been cut, teams speeding up fast will have higher chance to win the trophy. Following this point of view, HCMC somehow get advantages as they had a very convenient beginning.

    HCMC FC had a very advantageous beginning as they earned 6 points after 2 rounds, standing first in the table. Another advantage of coach Chung Hae Soung is that their competitors in the title race such as Than Quảng Ninh, Hanoi FC, etc just had 3 points, while the potential candidates Viettel also lost 2 points after 2 rounds. Of course, this beginning does not ensure the title for HCMC as the race is still long ahead.

    But V-League 2020 has been changed its format, especially it has to be shortened due to Covid-19 pandemic, thus, the chance of the hosts of Thống Nhất stadium theoretically is brighter as the league maintains results of the 2 first rounds. Leading the ranking, while the league is cut by up to 6 rounds, remains just 20 rounds (13 rounds of the first leg and 7 rounds of the second leg), the distance to the league title is closer to HCMC FC.

    Beside point advantage, fixture is either convenient for HCMC. The lucky draw at the season’s beginning helps HCMC FC have 7 home matches in the first leg. As the fixture is unchanged, coach Chung Hae Soung and his players will remain 6 games at Thống Nhất stadium. Meanwhile, their strongest competitors Hanoi FC just have totally 6 matches on their home pitch. Especially, the direct crash between HCMC FC and Hanoi FC will take place at Thống Nhất stadium. This is one more convenience of HCMC in the title race. Moreover, coach Chung Hae Seoung and his players will also play against Viettel on home pitch.

    The appearance of Công Phượng brings HCMC FC more attacking solutions – Photo by Quốc An

    In V-League 2019, HCMC FC were completely defeated at Hàng Đẫy stadium by both Viettel and Hanoi FC. Therefore, holding in their hands advantages comparing tho more than a half of their competitors in the title race, HCMC will have decisive right either. Challenges for them, if possible, are 2 away trips against Sông Lam Nghệ An and Than Quảng Ninh. But in the previous season, HCMC beat both of these two teams away.

    In this season, HCMC FC’s force is evaluated to be better than last season. The appearance of Công Phượng in the forward line somehow brings HCMc FC more attacking solutions. When not scoring, the former striker of Hoàng Anh Gia Lai also plays the role as a “magnet” who stretch opponents’ defence line so that his teammates have more gaps to score.

    Quality of HCMC FC’s foreign players is also evaluated high. Diakite is strong, fairly sensitive in the box, especially his air ball handling. Amido is considered as a “big stone” in their defence line, entirely better than their foreign player Epasso. With this higher quality force, fans expect HCMC FC will get a significant breakthrough to bring themselves a big advantage in the title race, avoiding drowning like in the previous season. Remember, the present champions Hanoi FC’s sprint ability in the past was prominent. In V-League 2019, the Capital football club won the trophy thanks to their strong sprint to take over the first position of HCMC FC from round 19 to the end.


    The advantages of being the champions of the first leg

    Gaining the complete points after 2 round and advantageous fixture help HCMC FC have chance to protect their leading position after 13 rounds of the first leg. Coach Chung Hae Soung and his players will play 4 games home among 7 games in the second leg, including crashes against competitors right behind them.

    Source – Bongdaplus.vn

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