• Round 8 of Vietnam Women’s Football Championship – Thái Sơn Bắc Cup 2019: HCMC I consolidate their first standing
    14:41 | 16/09/2019

    The runner-up HCMC I did not have to make their best effort to beat weaker HCMC II in the round 8 of Vietnam Women’s Football Championship – Thái Sơn Bắc Cup 2019.


    As hosts PP.Hà Nam defeated TNG.Thái Nguyên 5-0 and fairly significantly improved their sub-indicators, HCMC I were under the pressure to beat weaker HCMC II with as much goals as possible. However, they still put their stars such as Bích Thùy, Kim Loan and Huỳnh Như on substitution bench.

    HCMC I (in red) dominant to HCMC II (in yellow)

    Not using the strongest squad but HCMC I still possessed domination, and a goal for them just waited for the time. At the 10th minute, HCMC II’s net was vibrated after a simple shoot of Hồng Nhung which resulted from an intelligent cross of Thu Thảo. Just after 6 more minutes, Mỹ Anh scored the second goal for HCMC II as she successfully took advantaged of a poor tackle of a opponents’ defender and quickly directed the ball into the goal.

    HCMC II of coach Nguyễn Quốc Nam still played with efforts, but their squad included many players belonging to talented U19, there were players even under 16, thus, the gap to HCMC I was clear.

    At the 34th minute, the third goal for HCMC I came and the name appearing on the scoreboard was wing midfielder Mỹ Anh again. She had a professional one-touch finish after perfect co-ordinations of Thùy Trang and Kim Anh. The first half ended with one more goal by center midfielder Thùy Trang with a devilish low shoot from close to the box.

    Basically keeping safety against Phong Phú Hà Nam with the goals, HCMC I actively played slower in the second half. Coach Đoàn Kim Chi still decided to not use her key players who were important players of national team in order to have a good preparation for more important games. Though, they still scored in the upcoming minutes.

    At the 56th minute, Phan Thị Trang left an impression with a goal from a beautiful far shoot which defeated goalkeeper Thị Bích although the later touched the ball. Declining fitness was a reason that HCMC II revealed lots of weaknesses, but this was not a match that HCMC I’s players have good finishes. They missed several chances although in front of them was an empty goal. The match ended with a very beautiful chip shot of Bích Thùy at the last added minute.

    With the win over HCMC II, HCMC I had 19 points and maintained their top position with 3 points higher than the follower PP.Hà Nam.

    Source – thethaohcm.vn

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