• Supertech Pro Cup 2019 HCMC area: 4 pairs for quarter final round indentified
    16:30 | 30/11/2019

    The group stage of Supertech Pro Cup 2019 – HCMC area hosted by TOA Vietnam has officially been finished, through which 4 pairs for quarter final round have also been identified. The most drastic happening was in group D as 2 top teams were named for the next round through sub-indicators.


    Although getting the ticket to the next stage 1 round earlier, Trịnh Gia still showed their huge winning spirit against Kiến Trúc Mới. With higher professionalism, Trịnh Gia gained 3 points and ended the group stage with complete 3 wins. Meanwhile, having 3 points before the last game of the group stage, the match between Hòa Bình Group and THT Saigon was considered as the final of group A to identify the second qualified team. Being superior in sub-indicator, Hòa Bình Group just needed a draw to finished at the 2nd place of the group. However, the team showed their superior performance against THT Saigon and got an easy win.

    After 2 wins, Chính Thắng just needed 1 more point against Gia Bảo to get a ticket for the next round. But playing with the spirit of not hoping a draw, Chính Thắng had a 2-goal higher victory and finished the group stage with 9 points. In the remain game of the group, Đinh Gia got a big win over Sirhalo to get into the knockout round with 6 points after 3 matches.

    Because getting just one round on November 17, group C and Group D had to implement 2 rounds on November 24. After getting 3 points in the first game, Cofico continued to reveal their strength of champion candidates with 2 more wins over Duy Nguyễn and Đông Nam, through which they ended the C group stage with 9 points. Althought being defeated by Cofico in round 2, Duy Nguyễn still finished 2nd by defeating Thiết Thạch Group in the last game to move into the knockout stage after 2 wins and 1 loss.

    Different from the 3 above groups, the race to quarter final round in group D took place so drastically. Hải Âu was inferior and they got 3 losses, but Phan Thuận, Cát Mộc Group and Vertical Studio showed a balance among them as they won each other face-to-face. Specifically, Cát Mộc Group beat Vertical Group; Vertical Group gained 3 points from Phan Thuật; while Phan Thuật defeated Cát Mộc Group. As a result, all three teams had 6 points when the group stage ended, but Vertical Studio had to leave as their sub-indicators were inferior to Phan Thuật and Cát Mộc’s.

    The quater final and semi final rounds will take place on December 1st at Chảo Lửa stadium (Tân Bình district, HCMC). With things happening in the group stage, especially the outbreak in the number of goals, the knockout games promise to be drastic, bringing much more goals to audiences. Information about the championship is updated on facebook.com/Toavn và website www.toagroup.com.vn.



    Group A: 1. Trịnh Gia (9p, 17/5), 2. Hòa Bình Group (6p, 17/9), 3. THT Saigon (3p, 14/13), 4. Kiến Trúc Mới (0p, 7/28).
    Group B: 1. Chính Thắng (9p, 20/9), 2. Đinh Gia (6p, 13/10), 3. Gia Bảo (3p, 10/11), 4. Sirhalo (0đp, 9/22).
    Group C: 1. Cofico (9p, 14/4), 2. Duy Nguyễn (6p, 19/8), 3. Đông Nam (3p, 9/16), 4. Thiết Thạch Group (0p, 2/16).
    Group D: 1. Cát Mộc Group (6p, 14/6), 2. Phan Thuật (6p, 16/6), 3. Vertical Studio (6p, 10/10), 4. Hải Âu (0p, 5/24).

    Quarter final round (08h00)
    Quarter final 1: Trịnh Gia – Đinh Gia
    Quarter final 2:  Chính Thắng – Hòa Bình Group
    Quarter final 3: Cofico – Phan Thuật
    Quarter final 4: Cát Mộc Group – Duy Nguyễn

    Semi final round (09h00)
    Semi final 1: Winners of QF1 – Winners of QF3
    Semi final 2: Winners of QF2 – Winners of QF4

    Source – bongdaplus.vn

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