• Thai Son Nam - Dural Warriors (Australia ) 6-3 : Excellent Thai Son Nam won ticket to Japan
    18:07 | 16/04/2013

    In match preview, both were estimated at same level, therefore unsurprisingly the last qualifying competition for a slot of AFC Futsal clubs Championship between Thai Son Nam and Dural Warriors (Australia) were expected to be exciting in April 16th evening. Vietnam’s representative Thai Son Nam with its reasonable play and enthusiastic spirit won 6-3 over component. 

    Thai Son Nam’s happiness

    Former national Spanish player Alberto Anton Rique (16 – TSN) had returned to encourage confidence and rhythm in Thai Son Nam play that was meaningful to control the game. However Tobias Seeto (8 – Dural Warriors) scored a surprise opene 1-0 when game time had even passed to any official minute. Coach Sergio and players were to fairly calm to coordinate for equalizing. After many close attacks, in 8th minute Quynh Toan (15 – TSN) got through opponents and gave out precise shoot, equalized 1-1 for Thai Son Nam. However, TSN wasn’t able to totally enjoy it, Coach Sergio and players continued to receive additional shocked goal against when Basger (8 – Dural Warriors) scored for DW. 2-1 was the temporary result of the 1st half.

    Coaching staff and Thai Son Nam players showed their happiness when grabbed the last qualifying slot for the finals in Japan.

    The second half, in first seconds of game, former national team striker Anton Rique (16 – TSN) who had firm skill and spirit collaborated with Kotaro attack (7 – TSN), quickly moved forward and thundered against goalkeeper Bruce (Dural Warriors) equalized 2-2 for TSN. Though Thai Son Nam club was depauperated after last match against Shenzhen Nanling Tielang (China), Coach Robert Varela (Dural Warriors) didn’t expect to witness Vietnam representative in such high form with potential dangerous toward opponents. In 26th minute, referee showed red card for Dural Warriors, they only played with 4 players on the field; Thai Son Nam took this advantage to raise score upon 3-2 from Captain Bao Quan ( 10-TSN )’s easy finish. Moreover, Coach Sergio and players consecutively scored 2 more goals in 28th and 36th minute, Trong Luan (12 – TSN) and Quynh Toàn (15 – TSN) in turn increased the lead to 5-2.

    Excellent Rique Anton (16 – TSN) helped TSN win.

    Not only losing three quick goals, Dural Warriors Coach Robert Varela reacted to the referee and he was asked to leave techniques zone. And there is no other way, Australian players rose up to open attacks Basger (3) also scored 3-5 for DW. In last minute of the match, Riquer Anton (16 – TSN) again took advantage of space in Dural Warriors line up to set the final 6-3score for TSN.

    With this result, Thai Son Nam won ticket to the finals together with two teams Chonburi Bluewave GH Bank RBAC (Thailand) and Shenzhen Nanling Tielang (China) in Nagoya – Japan at the end of 8/2013.

    Cheerful fans
    Mr. Tran Anh Tu and players cheered their win
    Outstanding young players celebrated TSN’s win
    Captain Bao Quan is always a firm pillars for the whole team.
    Katora (7 – TSN – green) devoted to win
    Sad defeat of the Dural Warriors fans


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