• Trần Phi Sơn: “I have never thought that my credit will be influenced by Công Phượng”
    16:34 | 20/04/2020

    Trần Phi Sơn has never thought that his credit will be influenced by Công Phượng, he either affirms to assist his teammate to shine.


    In order to play in different competitions, HCMC had brought themselves quality contracts before the new season. One of them is Công Phượng deal from Sint-Truidense.

     Playing for the hosts of Thống Nhất stadium, Công Phượng becomes the most dangerous striker together with Trần Phi Sơn. The Nghệ An-born forward duo have proved this by their perfect teamworking in AFC Cup as well as in their first two V-League 2020 games.

    Before having the service of Công Phượng, Phi Sơn was considered as the most radiant star of HCMC FC. Many people believe that adding Công Phượng, Phi Sơn’s influence would be less or more fade away. However, answering Saostar recently, the striker born in 1992 affirms that he has never thought that his credit will be influenced by Công Phượng.

    Phi Sơn said: “Sơn have never thought about that because Sơn think that new and good things will make the club better. Sơn always want the collective to improve by all ways, thus, Sơn has never thought how my credit at the club would be influenced, even with the presence of Công Phượng”.

    The 28-year-old revealed that he and Công Phượng are harmonious and understand each other. With him, Công Phượng is an excellent player of Vietnam’s football. He straightly confesses that he feels happy for his teammate as Công Phượng is gradually finding his great performance back after an awry period playing abroad.

    Being a part of the best forward duo of HCMC at present, Trần Phi Sơn hopes himself to be an assistant of his junior to help the latter shine and play well. The great teamworking of the duo on the pitch will help HCMC to gain the highest possible achievements.

    “He is a shining star of Vietnam football at present, thus, fans will surely lay high expectation on him at HCMC FC. I think I will be the one who assists Công Phượng at the club so that both of us will reach the highest performance, through which support the club to gain high achievements.

    I want to directly help Công Phượng find his inherent instinct. We understand each other, are close together and these things bring us a great teamworking. To me, I want both me and Công Phượng to be the best players and make the club stronger”, Phi Sơn added.

    Since being back to the country and play for the V-League runners-up, Công Phượng has scored 3 goals. This is an advantageous beginning of Công Phượng after a long period not playing officially. At present, Công Phượng is enthusiastically training at home as V-League is postponed due to Covid-19 pandemic.

    Source – Thethaohcm.vn

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