• 2013 HCM Futsal Open for strong team – 7th LS Cup Plex lagoon king: player Tran Van Vu is confident before Malaysia trip
    12:35 | 07/04/2013

    According to Tran Van Vu – Plex lagoon king of 2013 HCM Futsal Open for strong team: “The tournament is a good condition for Thai Son Nam to review forces before qualifying of Asia clubs. Excellent performances for champion were also the huge encouragement to Thai Son Nam‘s confidence before trip.” Tran Van Vu joined Thai Son Nam-dist. 8 at the between of ending 2009 to beginning of 2010, at the present, this Binh Phuoc footballer graduates from economic college. He came to Futsal casually through semi-pro, however his high passion and efforts lead him to professional Futsal, Van Vu was called for list of Vietnam national team in the end of 2010. His thought about the tournament as well as orientation to followprofessional Futsal are below: 

    Tran Van Vu won plex lagoon king title.

    –  What’s your evaluation to the strength as well as professionalism of participants and the management board’s efforts?

    I began to compete in LS tournament in 2009, through each tournament I could see the gap in level of teams is not as large as before. Clubs as Sana Khanh Hoa , Hoang Thu Da Nang, Tan Hiep Hung and Vinh Tien Dat are the strong clubs in Central and Southern. Therefore, this year I see balance of professional quality, teams played with high determination. Through this, on behalf of players I would like to give many thanks to management board had facilitated for players to compete in a really useful tournament.

    –  According to your opinion, what did Thai Son Nam achieve after this championship?

    This is an occasion for Thai Son Nam to test forces before the qualifying Asian clubs. My teammates and I were really surprised at others’ progress partly because of subjectivity and we need to overcome in the next tournaments, especially in qualifying Asian clubs in Malaysia.

    Tran Van Vu in national Futsal against Australia

    – What do you think about two performances of Katoro Inaba and Riquer Anton this year?

    Anton Riquer played Thai Son Nam last season, this Spanish player played staidly but he had a pretty good observation. Anton often gave out accurate long passes for teammates; in addition he always wins in difficult situation thanks to advantages of physical strength. In contrast, although Inaba Katoro is short but he’s fast and skillful. His first season at Thai Son Nam also left many impressive. Besides Itaba’s goals, his seriousness in training as well as competition is worthy to inquire.

    –  Are you satisfied with result of Thai Son Nam and your prize in this championship?

    Of course, my team won the champion while I won individual title plex lagoon king, nothing else’s better. This is probably the happiest season when I played professional Futsal. However, I will try harder to assert my position at the club as well as in Vietnam Futsal line-up.

    –  Majoring in economic, so why did you choose Futsal?

    I play Futsal with passion; in fact I have not been trained through any course. Thai Son Nam was my first club to show talents. Before 2009, I only played in amateurish tournaments organized by university. When I was introduced to Thai Son Nam, my passion was turned into reality as a professional Futsal player.

    –  Do you believe that Thai Son Nam would get over qualifying in Malaysia for the Futsal final in japan?

    Thai Son Nam always set the highest target in all tournaments. Before this trip Thai Son Nam and I have the same goal to attain that is the final in Japan.

    –  Thank you very much.

    Dinh Vien

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